Pure Water DI Mixed Bed Resin 25 Litre


Size: 25 litres –  25 litre vacuum-sealed bag Mixed Bed resin

Description: Pure Water DI Mixed Bed Resin for Window Cleaning and Car Cleaning. PerfectWash Ion Exchange Resin MB115 is a virgin mixed bed (made up of cations and anions) ion exchange resin designed for the PerfectWash Pure Water Cleaning Systems but can also be used in any Pure Water System which require a Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin. Packed in very easy to handle vacuum-foil sealed packs meaning your resin stays fresher for longer.

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Size:  25 litres –  vacuum-sealed bag Mixed Bed Resin 

Description: PerfectWash Ion Exchange MB115 Indion Mixed Bed Resin is a virgin mixed bed ion exchange resin.

Ion exchange resins are polymer beads that exchange ions within the polymer with ions in a solution that is passed through them, such as water. The resins are used primarily for purifying water i.e taking out anions and cations such as magnesium, calcium, silica etc, but also for various other applications including separating out some elements.

Applications: Window Cleaning, Car Valeting, Electronics, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Industries.


Perfect Wash Ion Exchange Mixed Bed Resin MB115 Bag of 25 litres

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The PerfectWash System has been providing quality ion exchange resin to the public, car sales yards, window cleaners, laboratory and commercial users for water purification purposes. Our team at Perfect Wash provide the right service and information to help you with your water purification needs for cleaning, car washing, window cleaning and industrial and commercial purposes using Mixed Bed Resin. Please read more about PerfectWash and our story by checking our About Us page.