How To Choose The Commercial Cleaning Services That is Right for You

Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

People who succeed with a commercial cleaning service do a few things right, and you need to get these few basic steps right to ensure you have a successful experience with the cleaning company that you might choose to hire. After doing extensive research here is what we found.

To choose the commercial cleaning services that is right for you and your premises you need to:

  • Know exactly what to expect of a Commercial Cleaning Company
  • Always get a price quote from a few different cleaning contractors
  • Ask for proof that they have insurance
  • Read through the cleaning agreement
  • Consider the experience and years the business has been operating for
  • Ask for references

So that is the short and simple list, however read on as we go into more depth on each item.

First, here’s what to expect:

Commercial cleaning companies will incorporate a wide range of cleaning chemicals, methods, along with equipment to simplify and accelerate the cleaning procedure. You need to make sure you are happy with the chemicals they are using. Are they toxic? Are they biodegradable?

Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals

The full scope of the work might embrace all interior and routine cleaning – which may include floors, walls, tiles, partitions, suspended ceilings, furniture, lighting, cleaning windows, cleans of hygienic conveniences (such as toilets) along with facilities for washing, dining areas and kitchens, feminine hygiene facilities. It may also incorporate the cleaning of phones, IT equipment such as laptops and screens, and other intermittent cleanings as required.

However, please note that vacuum cleaning may require hot water extraction and a specialized carpet cleaning company may be better for this task.

Carpet cleaning, even with regular vacuuming, will need hot water extraction applied to the carpets every 18 to 24 months.

Hot Water Extraction Vacuum Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction Vacuum Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction for carpet cleaning involves using a combination of heated water along with cleaning agents that are carefully injected into the carpet’s fibres using special equipment at high pressure. The resulting lifted soil is then removed using a powerful vacuum.

External building cleaning, along with litter picking, and also the removal of graffiti might also be included in the routine clean.

Lets Dive Right In.

You may be wondering:

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Whether you are in South Auckland, West Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch or Wellington, keeping a clean and hygienic office or work area is very essential to the success of your business.

PerfectWash Before & After Window Cleaning
PerfectWash Before & After Window Cleaning

First impressions count as they say and this is so important when in business. Even dirty or smeared windows leave a bad impression. And yes, people do notice those finer details even if subconsciously.

A professional cleaning service will often come into your business area after hours, ensuring all areas of your office are cleaned.

But here’s the kicker:

You’ll no doubt find a number of commercial cleaning companies in your region, so you will have to select the one that will be right for you.

For example, doing a search for Commercial Cleaning Auckland will bring up a lot of potential services. Though you will be looking to save money, the service with the lowest cost is not always going to be the best deal.

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Step By Step Process You Can Follow When Selecting a Commercial Cleaning Service

  • Start by getting an actual price quote from the companies within your area. Let’s say you live in Wellington. Begin by doing a search for Wellington Commercial Cleaning on or your preferred Search Tool to find services in your area.

    Call a few of the companies that are listed after you have checked out the details on their website. They should be willing to visit your building or office to estimate the amount of work required and cost. Be cautious of a company that gives you a quote before seeing the actual premises to clean and what you require. If you decide to go with them you may find the actual price a lot higher than the quoted price. This happens to me often in my window cleaning business.

    When they supply you with this quote, remember to ask them for a list of the actual services that they will provide.

    Most should include mopping, along with vacuuming, cleaning, rubbish removal from office bins and sanitizing of the bathroom area and some dusting.

    Some may also provide a carpet cleaning with hot water extraction a number of times a year, but it may or may not be contained within the quoted price. You will need to ask to make sure and have it down in writing on the agreement.

  • Ask if you can see proof that they have insurance. You definitely will want a cleaning company which has insurance so that you can be certain that you will in no way be liable in the event a cleaner is hurt while cleaning.
  • Read right through the agreement. Most cleaning companies will need you to sign a written agreement or contract, which will lock you into their cleaning service for a set amount of time. However, you will need an out clause in the event you are not happy with the service that the company is providing for you.

    For example, you might want to consider looking for a company that will give you a trial period or one that will go on a month to month agreement rather than on a yearly contract.
  • Take into consideration the experience of the cleaning company. A few of the companies will have many years of experience behind them, which will mean that you can be certain that they have developed a good system or process for cleaning and will be comfortable handling the varied cleaning issues involved.

    With all other things being equal, always choose the cleaning company which has more experience.
  • Get some references from the company. A professional and quality company should be able to give you references from some of its clients. Contact some of these references and ask them how happy they are with the services that the cleaning company is providing.

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Important Tips

If you need your company to be “green,” look for a cleaning company that utilizes environmentally friendly products.

Many companies may be willing to use only safe and friendly products for your premises if your concerns are made known.

Related Questions

Here are some related questions to commercial cleaning services that you may have wondered or may encounter.

What Are Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning services is a term that is used to describe a company or person that performs cleaning duties for a business, commercial building, restaurant or bar. Some commercial cleaners will also do residential home cleaning.

Some commercial cleaners are very specific and focus on only one or a few different cleaning jobs, such as a commercial window cleaner who usually only focuses on cleaning windows for businesses and commercial buildings.

Other, more general commercial cleaners will cover a wide range of cleaning duties such as vacuuming, dusting, rubbish removal, toilet and bathroom cleaning and more. But they may not have enough experience or equipment to do more focused cleans for particular items. Such as just mentioned, a window cleaner for glass and a carpet cleaner for hot water extraction cleaning of carpets.

How Do You Price Commercial Cleaning?

You can expect to pay between $25 and $60 per hour for commercial cleaning services. Some commercial cleaning companies charge by square footage, and you can expect to pay between 10 and 75 cents per square foot. In general, you will pay lower per square foot for larger offices.

Personally, I have had a lot of experience at pricing out window cleaning jobs for residential and commercial clients and the more established you become with a good client base, the higher your pricing tends to be. Its not so much about trying to cover costs, but more to do with supply and demand. I am trying to reduce the amount of workload so I raise the prices.
When you have a very good and reputable business you can do this and still retain a lot of work.

This is why well-established businesses can charge more. However, if you are looking for lower rates, then you might like to try private and personal cleaning services. Usually, individuals who are one-man-bands rather than larger cleaning companies. You can expect to pay between $20 and $35 per hour for these individuals. And some of them can be very good. Although you can’t expect them to be able to handle larger jobs such as multi-story buildings as they just don’t have the number of employees.

To find these individuals you will need to advertise for them by placing a wanted ad, or just asking around for anyone who knows such an individual. However, you won’t have the same degree of security such as insurance, contract agreements and guaranteed working hours (some individuals have children at school and can only work certain hours and days) when working with individuals.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a 2000 Square Foot House?

How Long To Clean a Home
How Long To Clean a Home

A 2000 square foot would be an average size single story house. Here is a list of Deep Cleaning Costs by Size of house in square footage.

House SizeTime to CleanAverage Cost
<1,000 square feet1.5 – 3 hours$200 – $250
1,000 – 1,200 square feet2 – 3 hours$250 – $275
1,500 square feet 2.5 – 3.5 hours$275 – $300
1,700 square feet3 – 4 hours$320 – $390
2,000 square feet3.5 – 4.5 hours$425 – $565
2,500 square feet4 – 5 hours$495 – $635
3,000 square feet4.5 – 5.5 hours$635 – $775
3,500 square feet5 – 6 hours$775 – $850
4,000 square feet6.5 – 7.5 hours$850 – $920

For homes that are larger, cleaning companies may have to send several people for the cleaning so that the job takes less time. The clean will still have a much higher cost, however, due to each person being paid by the hour.

As a general guide, here is what tasks can be accomplished in cleaning in two hours with a house that has three-bedrooms:

  • Vacuuming the whole house
  • Cleaning the bathrooms and toilets
  • Cleaning the kitchen along with mopping the kitchen floor
  • A few additional small tasks such as wiping down surfaces

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