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Perfect Wash is a retail seller of Mixed Bed Resin used in the process of water purification for window cleaners, car sales yards for car washing, industry – where pure water is crucial, and car enthusiasts who love their car so much that they want to wash them only with pure water.

Our Story

Perfect Wash Mixed Bed Resin

Perfect Wash was founded in 2017 by Juan Richardson, and has been providing quality mixed bed resin for commercial, residential and business purposes in New Zealand ever since.

It started when I (Juan Richardson) and my friend Michael Bradbury who was an established window cleaner in New Plymouth, New Zealand, started using pure water as a way to clean windows without having to use a squeegee. Using a squeegee is important to remove the dirty water from the windows after moping and lifting the dirt to leave them clean, but is time-intensive.

So we purchased a small portable 10-litre DI tank, which we filled with mixed bed resin and started washing outside windows using this system.
We found that it saved us a lot of time and was very easy to use on high buildings. When you have tried to squeegee a window that is two or more stories up, then you will understand why using pure water to wash them down is so much easier.

Perfect Wash Co Founder Michael Bradbury
Perfect Wash Mix Bed Resin Co Founder

One set back we had though was that mixed bed resin is not so easy to come by in New Zealand and the cost was just way too high. The cost limited our use of using it to only those windows that were just way too difficult to squeegee by hand. So we had to find a cheaper way.

In 2017 Perfect Wash collaborated with Liji Tech, an Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturer, located in the Weixian County, China, to import Mixed Bed Resin to be used in the water purification process.

However, the resin we imported from this company didn’t meet our high standards. It was suitable for window cleaning and car washing, however, it wasn’t strong acid and strong base to reach the 0 ppm water quality that we wanted.

Sadly, Michael Bradbury passed away in 2018, a very good friend and business partner while we were figuring out a solution to this problem.

Not letting that beat us, just before Michael passed away we had managed a workaround by incorporating a ‘polisher’ resin at the bottom of the tank to polish down the water from 10 ppm, the total dissolved solids or ‘impurities’ after it had gone through our resin, down to 0 ppm.

This allowed me to still sell the 1-tonne shipment of our imported resin using our ‘polisher’ system. However we still needed a better system and in December 2020 Perfect Wash was able to collaborate with INDION ResinsOpens in a new tab., the major mixed bed resin manufacturer in India, through their New Zealand distributor.

We now have a mixed bed resin that produces 0 ppm water quality without the use or need for a ‘polisher’.

I have been using the mixed bed resins to produce pure water for my own window cleaning business, T&J Window CleanersOpens in a new tab. which has been successfully operating for 5 years. Our clients include Residential, Commercial and business Buildings such as Abacus, Tasman Toyota, Postie Plus, Lifetime and Body Smart to name a few, that are cleaned with our pure water system using our mixed bed resin.

Perfect Wash has successfully helped car sales yards to implement the Perfect Wash cleaning system using high grade mixed bed resin to purify water. It’s as easy as connecting a portable tank to your tap and then your garden hose from the tank to wash down your cars with pure water that dries with a spot-free finish for a spotless car washOpens in a new tab..

We have also helped many self-employed Window Cleaners to do that perfect window clean without the hassle of having to use a squeegee. Simply mop the windows and then rinse with pure water processed through our mixed bed resin to leave a perfect spot free finish and shine every time, saving you time and making you money.

The team at PerfectWash are experienced window cleaning specialists since 2009 and incorporate the Perfect Wash Mixed Bed Resin in our own Window Cleaning business servicing the Residential, Business and Commercial sectors.

Juan Richardson tjwindowcleaners

Check out our linkedin page here: PerfectWashOpens in a new tab.

You can contact us at:

Juan Richardson
juan @ perfectwash dot co dot nz

Mailing Address: PerfectWash, PO Box 5106, Westown, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 0211413664