Pure Water DI Mixed Bed Resin 30 Litre

Size:  30 liters  –  6 x 5 litre vacuum-foil-sealed pack Mixed Bed Resin 

Description: PerfectWash Ion Exchange MB010 is a virgin mixed bed ion exchange resin.

Ion exchange resins are polymer beads that exchange ions within the polymer with ions in a solution that is passed through them, such as water. The resins are used primarily for purifying water i.e taking out anions and cations such as magnesium, calcium, silica etc, but also for various other applications including separating out some elements.

Please Note: This Mixed Bed Resin comes with a 5 litre polisher bag of resin that should take your PPM reading down to between 0ppm to 5ppm depending on the size of your tank. Use 1 to 2 litres of this higher grade resin in the bottom of your tank to polish.

Applications: Window Cleaning, Car Valeting, Electronics, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Industries.


Perfect Wash Ion Exchange Mixed Bed Resin MB010 Box of 6 x 5 Litre Vacuum Sealed Packs