Great for Window Cleaners and Car Washing!

Mixed Bed Resin

Mixed Bed Resin & DI Resin Softener for Water Purification

Our Mixed Bed Resin is a high quality special resin mixture for the direct purification of water. The ratio of strong acid cation combined with strong anion component resins results in the highest quality water purification that can be used for either window cleaning and car washing.

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We use the resin ourselves for commercial and residential window cleaning. Our Resin comes packed in 5 litre Vacuum Sealed Bags for long shelf life and easy storage. A box contains 5 x 5 liter Vacuum Sealed bags equivalent to 25 Litres.

Our product and prices are the best you will find anywhere. We also do discounts on bulk orders so give us a call.

Applications for Mixed Bed Resin Beads

  • Water Purification
  • Window Cleaning with water fed systems for that spot free finish
  • Car Washing for that spot free finish
  • Precision instruments circulating cooling water
  • EDM Machines
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Systems

These resin beads are used as a water softener by taking out the minerals that can cause spotting when the water dries. The exchange resin fits easily into a deionizer or di filter unit.

Similar products are tulsion ion exchange resin, purolite ion exchange resin and dowex ion exchange resin beads

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